FormsPlus for Stacks

Create custom, powerful forms that will keep users engaged while capturing the information you need.


Template Conditionals NEW

Need to direct emails to sales or support based on user input? Our Template Conditionals allow you to route your user input to as many different channels as needed.

Dynamic Elements NEW

Dynamically show and hide Elements to the user based on their input. Hide irrelevant inputs from a user automatically!

User confirmation NEW

Require Elements to match! Great for Email Addresses and Password Elements.

Singe Step Form NEW

Need a simple, one-step Contact Form? FormsPlus can do that AND the most complex multi-step forms.

Step Wizard

Don't overwhelm users with a long page of fields. Use multiple steps to keep things simpler. Perfect for surveys, guides, and contact forms.

File Chunking

FormsPlus intelligently breaks uploads into small pieces before uploading. Let your users upload files up to 2GB without having to change any server settings.


Keep everyone in the loop - save to your database, save to a file, send email - record your data using the best workflow for your client.


Capture the information you need. Mark the most important fields as required and users will not be able to continue to the next step or submit their response.

Form Security

FormsPlus protects your sites from spambots using the latest hCaptcha and reCAPTCHA technology.


Choose from a variety of styles for each form - you're bound to find something you love.


Cleaner and more intuitive, the UI is stylish, functional, and responsive - create beautiful forms for desktop, tablet or phone use.

Frameworks Friendly

FormsPlus is fully compatible with all RapidWeaver Frameworks - Foundry, Foundation, Source, RWSkinz and others.

System Requirements

Stacks 4 or later. RapidWeaver 8 or later. Web host with PHP 7.4 or later.

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Stacks Bundle

Lead the pack and create beautiful, fully functional sites with Grid Iron, SEO-Rx and FormsPlus - and save 16%