SEO-Rx Changelog

SEO-Rx v1.1.0

Significant enhancements to SEO-Rx's content analysis.

  • Export and share your results in CSV, PDF, or paper formats.
  • Check for Web Clip and Favicons
  • Check for broken (external) links on your page
  • Skip images hosted from (e.g., maps)
  • New stylish tooltip for image previews
  • Limit image previews to 750px (max) width
  • Add word, characters and paragraph counts to Styled Text Stacks
  • Fix accuracy of Duplicate Content checks to handle redirects
  • Better responsive handling and retina controls
  • If an Alt tag is provided, don't penalize the SEO score as much for filenames

SEO-Rx v1.0.5

New scoring alogrithm to provide more accurate overall scores.

SEO-Rx v1.0.0

Initial release.

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