Grid Iron

GridIron for Stacks

Turn spreadsheets into stylish, responsive tables.

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Grid Iron for Stacks

From discographies and product catalogues to fantasy football, love data and tables with Grid Iron.

Excel & CSV

Mountains of data? Content is automatically broken into pages for easy browsing.

Speed Wins

A lightning fast networking and cache engine means your site loads faster. Speed means less user frustration, and better SEO - win, win.


Make things easy for your users - print or export spreadsheets directly to their computer in either CSV or Excel format.


Cleaner and more intuitive to use, create experiences your users will love.


All content is embedded directly within the HTML of your page, so it’s compatible with all major search engines.

Cloud Editing

Use the power of Google Spreadsheets to update your site from anywhere. All changes are saved and published instantly by Google.

Retina Ready

All images are optimised for Retina devices, including iPhone and iPad.


Markdown format lets you add links, embed images and other HTML styling directly into your spreadsheet for easy customisation.


Locate the data you need, without a hitch - search is faster, easier and more accurate than ever before.


Speak 60 languages. Completely localize your table, straight out of the box - merci, Grid Iron.

System Requirements:

  • Stacks 4 or later

  • RapidWeaver 8 or later

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