Turn on your afterburners. Rank higher in search engines and increase user satisfaction. Without lifting a finger.

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System Requirements:

  • RapidWeaver Classic or Elements

  • Stacks 5 or newer

  • Web host with PHP 8.1 or newer

  • Web host with IonCube 13 or newer

  • PHP PDO Extension installed


Turbo for Stacks

Improve your SEO

Score higher in Google Lighthouse to increase your SEO score and rank higher in search results.

Improve Page Speed

Fill your need for speed. Optimize your CSS, Javascript and HTML to the improve website performance.

Users satisfaction

Improve user and customer satisfaction with less waiting. Faster pages = happier users. Speed wins.


Help comply with GDPR privacy laws by removing the use of 3rd party scripts.

Higher Conversion Rates

Faster websites tend to have higher conversion rates, whether you're aiming for sales, lead generation, or other desired actions from visitors.

Mobile Optimization

Turbo can optimize your site for mobile users, catering to the growing number of mobile visitors.

TTFB Improvement

Time to First Byte (TTFB) is reduced with caching, which means quicker delivery of content to the browser, contributing to faster page loading.

Bandwidth Savings

Cached pages are smaller in size, reducing the consumption of bandwidth, which is particularly valuable for websites with limited bandwidth or on shared hosting plans.

Server Load Reduction

Caching offloads server resources by serving cached content, enabling your server to handle more traffic without slowing down.


If your website experiences sudden spikes in traffic, caching can prevent crashes and downtimes by serving cached pages to visitors leaving more server resources ready for more visitors.

Competitive Advantage

A fast-loading website can give you an edge over competitors by attracting and retaining more visitors, particularly in industries where user experience is critical.

Decreased Carbon Footprint

A faster website consumes less energy and reduces the environmental impact of your web hosting infrastructure.

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