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Getting Started

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Jun 12, 2023

For optimal optimization of your site, you'll want to add SEO-Rx to every page.

How to add SEO-Rx

Just drag the SEO-Rx stack from your Stacks library onto each page of your site.

Remember, SEO-Rx is a stack, and will only work on Stacks pages. SEO-Rx cannot function properly with non-Stacks pages.

SEO-Rx with Partials

There is an alternative way to add SEO-Rx to your site: the global Partials feature built into Stacks 4.

If you're interested in using SEO-Rx and Partials, or want to learn more, we'll explain on the next page. And if not, we're still going to explain, you just don't have to read it.

Where to place the SEO-Rx stack

Because SEO-Rx displays a lot of data, we recommend placing the stack at the bottom of your page.

Then, in Preview, your page content will be first, and the SEO-Rx reports will appear below.

Ready, settings, go!

Next we'll explains SEO-Rx's stack settings, so you can get it set up the way you want.

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