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Jun 13, 2023

FormsPlus supports saving to MySQL compatible databases. Saving to a database is fast and efficient. All FormsPlus forms on your site can save to the same MySQL table allowing you to collect all of your form responses in one central repository.

Heads up!

When using a Database Template, all Form Element names must only consist of lowercase alphanumeric symbols a-z and 0-9 (no underscores). Additionally, names must start with a letter and may not contain any special characters such as commas, spaces or underscores.

Using existing tables

FormsPlus does not support using any existing MySQL Table that is already in use by any other software. You should provide FormsPlus with a dedicated Table to save entries. Multiple instances of FormsPlus, however, can save entries to the same Table.

Auto migration

FormsPlus will automatically add columns to your MySQL Table as you add new Elements to your form. This makes database management seamless and transparent. Users should not perform any manual modification of Columns such as adding types, length or default values is not supported.

Managing MySQL databases

FormsPlus does not provide any functionality or tools for managing MySQL databases. Many web hosts, including Chillidog Hosting, provide a web based management tool called PHPMyAdmin

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