Form Conditional Submission Template


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Jun 13, 2023

Form Conditional Submission Templates are a supercharged version of your traditional Form Submission Template. Yes, it's a mouthful, but bear with me. Have you ever wanted to send an email only to sales when someone submits a sales inquiry? Or support when someone submits a support inquiry? With Form Conditional Submission Templates, you can send emails to a predefined list of individuals based on some simple logic parameters.


A Condition is a comparison that will evaluate true when the Element on the left matches the value on the right. Simply specify the name of the Element and the Value to compare. For tips and suggestions for Element names, please see the "Element Names" section of the Form Elements page.

Any vs. All

Any and All are English representations of two logical expressions. ANY, or logical OR, will be true (and send an email) when ANY condition that you define is true. On the other hand, ALL, or logical AND, will be true only when ALL of the conditions that you defined are true. As you can see, this allows you to define any number of conditions to a Template!

How do I add user or visitor information to Form Conditional Submission Templates?

All Templates follow the same guidelines. Simply give all of your Elements a name and reference them in your Template like [name]. More details are outlined in our guide.

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