Form Elements

Form Elements

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Jun 13, 2023

FormsPlus supports a variety of HTML5 elements to capture any type of user input. Each Element must be added to a Step and given a unique name in the Element’s settings.

Heads up!

FormsPlus 2 allows you to conditionally show and hide Elements based on the visitor's input. Learn more.

  • Checkboxes

  • Color

  • Date

  • Date Picker

  • Email Address

  • File Uploader (supports files up to 2GB)

  • Hidden

  • Inline Input

  • Link Button

  • Number

  • Password

  • Radio Buttons

  • Range Slider

  • Reset Button

  • Select Menu

  • Telephone Number

  • Text

  • Time

  • Text Area

  • URL

Element Names

All Elements must be given a unique name. This is how you'll refer to this Element in FormsPlus Templates. The recommend naming convent for Element Names is Camel case. For example, visitorsEmailAddress as shown in the screenshot below.

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