Getting Started

Getting Started

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Jun 13, 2023


Steps are the core building block of FormsPlus. As of FormsPlus 2, you can have 1 or more Steps in a form. Adding more than 1 Step to you form allows you to organize longer forms into logical sections, add terms and conditions or confirm the form entries before submission. 

There are 3 different Steps available:

  • Step

  • One Column Preview

  • Two Column Preview


If Steps are the building block, Elements are the doors and windows. Elements are what users see in the form, fill out and submit. Each Element has it’s own set of features and options. This allows you to build simple forms to more sophisticated workflows.

FormsPlus supports a growing list of Elements. This includes, but not limited to, the following Elements:

  • Text Inputs

  • Email

  • Telephone

  • Radio Buttons

  • Checkboxes

  • Date Picker

  • Range Slider

For a complete list, please see the Elements guide.


Templates are the actions that FormsPlus will take when a visitor submits the form. Templates allow you to do almost anything. For instance, you can send email, save a record into a database or save a text file on the server.

When using Form Receipt or Form Submission templates, you can completely customize the content of the message for a more personalized experience. Furthmore, as of FormsPlus 2, Form Conditional Submission templates can be created to send email based on the visitor’s responses. This allows you to automatically direct emails to appropriate persons or departments. For example, if a visitor selects “Sales” or “Support” in the form, an email can be sent only to the sales@ department.

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