How do I add my Google spreadsheet?


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Jun 12, 2023

First, you must make sure your Google spreadsheet is available and able to be viewed publicly. You can do this by opening your browser and navigating to the sheet you wish to use. Click on the File tab and choose Publish to the Web > Entire Document and Web Page.

Once you've published your sheet in Google, then click the Share button and change Access to On - Public on the Web.

Tip: If you open the page link and you don't see the your spreadsheet then you haven't shared it properly.

On your web browser, navigate to your Google spreadsheet page and open the sheet you want to have displayed in Grid Iron 3. Your url will look something like this: You will need to obtain some uniquely identifiable information about your spreadsheet. This information allows Grid Iron to look up your specific spreadsheet. Back in RapidWeaver, go to the stack inspector and find Grid Iron Settings. In the Type dropdown menu, select Google Spreadsheet. Your key is the information between "\" and \"/edit#gid=0\". For example, the URL for our demo spreadsheet is: '

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