How to enter user submitted information into Templates


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Jun 13, 2023

FormsPlus, by default, does not add any visitor information to Form Submission, Form Conditional Submission, Form Receipt or other Templates. Instead, we allow you to customize the email based on the target audience. This makes your email messages more effective and efficient. For instance, if an email is sent to a sales department, you include relevant sales and shipping data at the top. Another example may be if you're building an e-commerce site, you can include related articles or products that the visitor may be interested in.

The process for adding visitor information to a template is as follows:

  1. Add Templates to the form. You can add as many Templates to a form as desired.

  2. Define a unique name for every Element in your form within the Element's Settings

  3. Write your content!

It's that simple. Every where in your Template that you write [name], FormsPlus will automatically replace it with the value submitted by the visitor. For instance, if you defined an Email Element with the name visitorsEmailAddress, you would reference it in a Template as [visitorsEmailAddress]

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