Page Index Status

Page Index Status

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Jun 12, 2023


The Page Indexing Status verifies whether your published page can be indexed by search engines and displayed in search results.

On the Page Report:
The Page Indexing Status is displayed as an alert color and explanation.

What does SEO-Rx check?

SEO-Rx checks the page for meta indexing (robot) tags. These are specific meta tags that control how a search engine crawls the page.

If your page contains meta tags that block search engines, the page won't be indexed and won't appear in search results.

(For example, the meta tag noindex tells search engines not to show that page in search results.)

What does it tell me?

SEO-Rx indicates the Page Indexing Status with an alert color:


All search engines allowed
All search engines are able to index the page, and display it in search results.


Some search engines blocked
SEO-Rx indicates which search engines are blocked from indexing the page.


All search engines blocked
The page will not be indexed, and will not appear in search results.

What should I do?

Check the Meta Tags tab in the RapidWeaver page inspector. Be sure the options are checked or unchecked as intended for this page.

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