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Jun 12, 2023

The Page Title is used by search engines as part of their SERP (Search Engine Result Page). This is the text for the link that most users will click on. An example search result for "WeaverPix" shows part of the page title highlighted below.

SEO Rx will use the title tag on your page to generate an approximate preview of how your page will appear in Google search results. An example of the preview generated by SEO Rx can be seen here:

The Browser Title, on the other hand is what users see in the toolbar of their browser when they visit your page. An example of a page with the title of "WeaverPix" can be seen here:

For good usability, it is recommend that you optimize your Browser Title for your users and your Page Title for search engines. A great Browser Title is short and sweet, for example, WeaverPix for the WeaverPix product page.

To set your Browser Title or Page Title in RapidWeaver, simply click on the page inspector and add your desired title into the appropriate field.

Please note that a good Page Title is under 55 characters but it is acceptable to have a title up to 74 characters. SEO Rx will alert you if your title is greater than 74 characters. Additional resources and information about the title tag can be found at Moz.

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