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Jun 13, 2023

Heads up!

As of version 2.0, FormsPlus supports Single Step contact forms.

In FormsPlus, a Step is the logical building block for items in your form. A Step can contain any number of Elements. Typically, similar Elements are grouped together in a single Step. For instance, contact information may be one Step in a registration form. Every form needs at least 1 Step. Some forms may benefit from having multiple steps. For example, adding GDPR or Terms of Service to your form, you can neatly organize these as a separate Step in your form.

There are 3 types of Steps that can be added to the form, 

  • Step

  • Confirmation Step

  • 2 Column Confirmation Step


A traditional Step, FormsPlus allows complex or long forms to be divided into multiple Steps. Each Step may be a category (for example, “personal information” or “mailing address”) or informational (for example, “terms of service” or “privacy policy”). For shorter forms or single-step forms, FormsPlus automatically adjusts accordingly.

Confirmation Step

A Confirmation Step is a Step that allows visitors to review their response before they submit the form. This allows visitors to return to previous steps and correct any mistakes. Although you can add a steps in any order, traditionally you’ll find a Confirmation Step as the last Step in your form. There is, however, no rules here so you can add as many Confirmation Steps to your form as you wish!

2 Column Confirmation Step

For larger forms, it is even possible to divide the Confirmation Step into two columns. Simply add a 2 Column Confirmation Step to your form to format a visitors response into a two column layout.

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