Table Control Overview


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Jun 12, 2023


The items in Grid Iron 3 are: - Buttons (B) - the copy, paste, and CSV buttons

  • Length (L) - the lines of displayed content

  • Filtering (F) - the search box display

  • Processing (R)

  • Table (T)

  • Information (I) - "Showing 1 to 25 of 85 entries"

  • Pagination (P) (determine how many rows displayed per page)

By changing the order or eliminating items, you can customize the inclusion of your Grid Iron 3 elements. For instance, a setting of (only) T will show the Table on its own.


In the stack inspector, go to Grid Iron Table Controls and select the buttons you wish to display.

  • Copy Button

  • CSV Button (for downloading the sheet as CSV)

  • Excel Button (for downloading the sheet as Excel *only works in Flash enabled browsers)

  • PDF Button (for downloading the sheet as PDF)

  • Print Button

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