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Jun 12, 2023


The viewport meta tag tells browsers that a site is responsive, and defines how the content should be displayed on mobile devices.

Without this tag, a mobile browser would display the site at desktop width and scale the whole thing down to the mobile screen size. People would squint at their phones and get headaches. Not a good experience all around.

The viewport meta tag is generated by RapidWeaver based on the theme. It is not a meta tag that you need to create or revise.

What does SEO-Rx check?

SEO-Rx checks whether the meta viewport tag is present. If not, you may see the following alerts:

  • Meta Viewport missing or Meta Viewport content missing

How do I fix it?

If you are using a responsive theme and the meta viewport is missing, contact the theme developer.

If you are not using a responsive theme, consider changing to a responsive one, and/or design your pages with responsive stacks.

Best Practices

  • When Google announced that its algorithms would give higher ranking to mobile-friendly sites, responsive design went from “nice option” to “essential.” Google reported that over 60% of all web searches were from mobile devices, and that number is steadily increasing.

  • To improve your SEO, your site needs to be responsive and mobile-friendly.

  • Most themes for RapidWeaver are designed with responsive features. There are also a number of stacks to enable and control responsive content.

For more information

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