Great Rapidweaver Shortcuts to make your life easier


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October 7th, 2020

By Gregory

Hide and show the far left panel

If you want to hide and show the left panel where you see your pages, settings and more, just use this command: ⌘⌥L And it will be easier to keep working on a page. Without having to click on the inspector buttons.

Hide and show the Stacks Library

Just press: L on your keyboard and voilà. You'll have more space to work on.

Find a stack with a shortcut

Once your Stacks Libary is open, press the F key on your keyboard, and that will toggle the search bar for you, and you can start typing for the stack you need.

Hide and show the Stack Inspector

Select a stack, and if your inspector shows the "general" settings for the page, press the I button on your keyboard. That will toggle the Stack Inspector.

Hide and show specific stacks

Instead of clicking on the "eye" icon button to show and hide stacks, just press ⇧H (that is Shift + H) on your keyboard, and that will hide or show your stacks conveniently.

Select child and parent stacks

To select a child stack, first select your parent stack and then press the: (return) key on your keyboard and that will select the first child stack inside it. You can press return again and again to select the next child stack.

Once you're in your desired level, use the arrow keys ↑↓ to select the next stack within that level.

To go up a level, use ⇧↩ (Shift + Return) and that will take you to the parent stack.

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